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Amazon Alexa and Control 4The Alexa united with Control 4 Smart Home is the latest feature that will bring the WOW Factor to your Home.

By simply saying “Alexa, turn on welcome.” All the coming home features when you get home will turn on. The corridor/pathway light will switch on to guide your way to the living room; the window shades will open, the television will switch on, or you can also play music completely hands – free. A total welcome home automation experience is now made possible by voice command with the integration of Alexa and Control4.

Say goodbye to the remote control, touch screen gadgets and switches.

Sometimes, the use of only one kind of user interface to manage your home is not always ideal. You might want a portable, solid remote to enjoy your video experience in the living room, a touch screen with a large display in the cooking area to browse and play music throughout the home, a keypad beside the garage door that permits you to shut the whole home down with one touch as you go out, and a mobile phone or a watch on your wrist to offer insight to exactly what is going on at home while you’re away.

In a Control4 Smart Home, interfaces are created to deliver the most beautiful and user-friendly interactions, with immediate access from anywhere you may be in (or out of) your home– and with a consistent appearance and feel throughout all devices.

You won’t feel alone anymore.

You can interact with “Alexa” the woman behind the voice command. She has an amazing, robotic – like the voice that practically knows everything. Alexa is now integrated with Control4 to offer additional customization of your smart home experience. Now, you can take pleasure in hands-free automation throughout the entire home, using the incredibly popular Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, and FireTV gadgets.


Alexa’s endless possibilities and this is just the beginning. With a simple voice command, enjoy a helping hand while you prepare a meal, set the perfect mood when you have visitors for dinner, mark the film night for the family in the calendar, even get the whole home ready for bed.

Basic Alexa functions include more personal things:

She can wake you up in the morning with your choice of alarm types, just say Alexa, stop! You don’t have to switch anything to turn it off.
She sets your coffee machine and based on your coffee machine limit she can prepare just about all the types of coffee – black, Cappuccino, Latte or hot milk.

She automatically sets and presets the temperature around your house according to your preferred level. She manage the lighting sequence on and off and on a percentage based sequence too! “Alexa, set the light 60% dim.” Say that for example.

Alexa and smart home technology used to set the mood

She will open the window shades for you like a good partner in the morning so you can see the bright light! And shut it down when the night comes.

She arranges your Calendar including schedule, saves dates and time as instructed and the best part is that she reminds you of it through your phone and by verbally saying it out loud your house.

You can ask her how long it will take to go to work; she can tell you precisely how many minutes to go there. In the case of heavy traffic, Alexa can give you an alternative route.

She is the new hands-free and screen free GOOGLE, ask anything, and she will answer you about anything under the sun! She can play any song in your Library too. The sound quality is a top-notch and voice recognition is super clear.

Watch the video to see it in action!

Get help installing smart home technology in you home today!

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