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What is Amazon Go Store?

Amazon’s bold checkout-free corner store concept has only one place today, but if the company’s expansion strategies work out, we might begin seeing an extreme rethinking of physical retail across the country. Inning accordance with the New York City Post, Amazon plans to mandate that future, supermarket-sized variations of its automatic Go shops have a max of 10 individual workers staffing any given place. On average, the company plans to employ six individuals per shift, the report states, with Amazon counting on robotic automation and software to do many of the heavy liftings.


As part of a brand-new two-story design for future Go supermarkets, a personnel of anywhere from three to 10 employees per shift might keep things running. The New York City Post explain the delegations of tasks: one worker to equip racks, a supervisor for visitor services to which may help in signing up customers for Amazon Fresh grocery delivery. 2 employees to be used to supervise drive-thru, while another 2 would assist robotic grocery-bagging devices that prep orders and deliver them to consumers on conveyor belts. Depending on the size of the store and the time of day, this headcount can be cut or expanded on by about 3 to four people.


The ultimate goal is to reduce labor expenses and further remove unneeded human interaction from the physical shopping experience. The first Go corner store got rid of the checkout procedure, relying on sensing units to track exactly what items are removed from shelves. The Post reports that Amazon is thinking about needing a Prime membership to enter its shops to suppress the capacity for shoplifting. It might likewise employ greeters to stand near the entrance to make sure people do not get items without first scanning their Amazon account at the entrance.

Still, it’s uncertain exactly the number of employees staff the current Go shop in Seattle. It’s likewise unclear how Amazon prepares to expand its physical retail in general beyond the select handful of brick-and-mortar bookstores it presently runs. Amazon denied the rumors that they are at the moment developing a two story Go Stores in the city.

Last December, Amazon likewise denied a report from the Wall Street Journal that stated it prepares to open more than 2,000 retail places covering a range of shop sizes and formats. The Post says that, regardless of this, the business is undoubtedly preparing a gradual rollout of more stores in differing sizes by as early as late 2017. Amazon currently has lots of pop-up kiosks around the country focused on informing customers about Alexa devices and offering Prime subscriptions. So it would make perfect sense to go for the Go model– if it does undoubtedly provide benefit consumers genuinely desire– to continue broadening beyond one size and shape. In the meantime, however, Amazon does not appear all set or excited to acknowledge any such plans.

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