How Amazon Echo can Help Secure Your Home

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September 18, 2018
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How to Use Amazon Echo as Your Home Security System

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If you’re renting, you may not have the ability to set up a traditional home security system– and if you live in a small space, you most likely won’t need to. Instead, consider building your security system piecemeal with an Amazon Echo gadget as the brains of the operation. Amazon’s Alexa incorporates with literally countless devices that increase convenience and security so that you can choose the cams, locks, lights, and sensors you require, and after that enable the associated abilities on your Echo.

If you have anything listed below an Echo Plus, which has more built-in smart home functionality than other Amazon products, bear in mind that some of Alexa’s skills may have to redirect your commands to a separate center or bridge that speaks with your security devices. You’ll connect your smart gadgets to the hub or bridge, and after that link that to your Amazon Echo device, instead of matching your smart gadgets straight with the Echo.

And while an Amazon Echo Plus can serve as a smart hub, not every gadget will incorporate perfectly with it. If a smart home device requires a different center, you might have to say “Alexa, ask Kevo to open my door” instead of “Alexa, unlock my door.” In the case of some devices– like your Philips Hue lightbulbs– you’ll want to utilize the Philips Hue Bridge anyway to open their full capabilities (like establishing particular lighting scenes, for instance).

Here are four ways Alexa can help secure your home.

1. Turn your lights on and off.

There’s a method to include Alexa in every room in your home, but maybe the most basic and most helpful smart home function is voice control over your lights. We have Philips Hue bulbs throughout our apartment, and we haven’t had to turn a light switch in nearly a year. It’s method easier to state “Alexa, switch on the hallway light” than to fumble for a switch or blindly stumble to the restroom.

From a security perspective, you can set up smart lights to imitate routine regimens when you’re out of town, so it looks like you’re actually home to potential robbers– and with the ability to turn your lights on and off from another location, you’ll never have to get here to a dark house again.

To get started, merely change your existing bulbs with Philips Hue bulbs in as numerous lamps and fixtures as you ‘d like, and link the Philips bridge to Alexa. From there, you can organize special lights– several lamps in your bedroom or living room and hallway bulbs– and control brightness, color, and regimens utilizing the Alexa app, Philips Hue ability, or IFTTT.

Routines are especially beneficial for security when you’re out late or on vacation. Automatic timers are one method to fake your existence in the house, but lights that turn on and off at the same times every day are a big giveaway. Hue Labs has a formula called innovative existence imitating that switches bulbs on when you typically get home from work and off around bedtime– but with randomness to make the regular appearance more natural. This indicates that if you generally arrive around 5 pm, your lights might go on at 4:57 pm one evening and 5:13 pm next.

To set this up, you’ll need to log in to Hue Labs through your Philips Hue app (found under the Explore tab) or your web browser. From there, you can set the formula to run for a particular date variety or when specific users exist or missing. To activate the regular as soon as you’ve set the criteria, you can also say, “Alexa, turn on advanced existence simulating.”.

A similar Labs formula can mimic the lights from your TV, so it looks like someone is home and binge-watching Netflix.

2. Lock your front door.


If you typically stress that you forgot to lock your front door (* raises hand *), a smart lock is one way around the issue. You can examine the status of your door lock from your mobile phone; lock and unlock a door from another location; and let your dog walker, shipment service, or friend inside when you’re not around. (They likewise probably have not come far enough regarding security, so know the advantages and disadvantages before you ditch your analog lock.).

Some smart lock producers including Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, and August make gadgets that integrate with Alexa and voice commands. So you could state, “Alexa, lock my front door” or “Alexa, is my front door locked?” and your Echo would link to your device or reply with a status upgrade– beneficial, if you’re in the shower and you suddenly can’t keep in mind if you locked the front door or not.

Kwikset’s Kevo gets high marks for being both more versatile– you can use your routine key, an essential fob, or your smart device in addition to voice commands– and more safe and secure than other smart lock designs. Some Alexa skills get in touch with Kevo.

The August Smart Lock is popular since it deals with your existing deadbolt and key, which is ideal for occupants who can’t make significant modifications to their units. Here’s how to enable and use the August ability with Alexa and the August Connect center.

3. Keep watch with smart CAMERAS.

The very best smart security cams let you enjoy live streams of your home or apartment or condo– inside, outside, or both– when you’re away; have some motion- or sound-detection functions; and let you yell at burglars, your family, or your family pets from afar.

Amazon’s own Cloud Cam is simply among numerous smart electronic cameras that work well with Alexa, and if you’re into Amazon Key, the Cloud Cam features the set-up package, which likewise consists of a smart lock. Amazon Key is a service that enables a carrier to open your door and provide plans inside your home when you’re not around, though you can enjoy the cam feed from your smartphone. Ring (which Amazon just recently got), Nest, Arlo, and Canary also make a variety of great Alexa-compatible options.

These video cameras likewise work well with Alexa devices that consist of screens, such as the Echo Show and Echo Spot, along with Fire TVs. You can view feeds from smart video cameras with commands like “Alexa, reveal me the front door camera”– a convenient method to verify you want to respond to that unforeseen knock. If this function is available with your camera, it will be built into the ability you utilize to talk with that gadget.

4. Control a whole home security system.

Usually, home security systems integrate devices like cameras, motion detectors, and door alarms under a single hub, and you can set up expert monitoring if you want another set of eyes and ears on your home in the occasion of a fire, flood, or break-in. If you want to go the full-system path, Alexa can get in touch with gadgets from companies like Scout or Vivint.

These systems are a bit more involved than the other options– Vivint needs to be expertly installed, for example. Although some systems, including those from Vivint, Scout, and Simplisafe, have wireless video cameras and sensors available for renters, you generally have to acquire tracking plans to use them. If you do choose you to require an alarm system, use Alexa to get status updates, control specific gadgets, or get assistance with commands like, “Alexa, inform Scout to panic!”.

The bottom line: Your Echo and the gadgets it links to can offer you more exposure to what’s occurring in your house without the need for a professionally installed system. It’s not the same full-scale home security, but it’s a simple compromise to make your home or house safer.

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