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Confession of a modern CEO– Lighting and Shading Motorized Window Treatments

Darrell Eller – (Smart Home Watch)

Have you ever felt sleepy while somebody exists a sale stock in the meeting room? I have. Have you ever get up on a Sunday morning because the light exterior is too brilliant even to open your eyes? I have! That’s why I changed to Hi Tech Home Pro’s Lighting and Shading because I wish to have a balance in between work and life!

Let me briefly explain to you. I run a company for ten years now. Mostly, if you’re a CEO of your own company, you look after practically whatever. Yes, you hire security for your service defense, yes, you employ centers to have proper maintenance. However, all these individuals have the constraint that often seems undependable. Still, somebody would leave the lights open for overnight– another forgets to reduce the blinds for two days– exposing your inner products extensively visible that can be an obvious target for opponents! To make the long story short, I invested, and I have not regretted to set up motorized LIGHTING and SHADING automation for the windows in my company for the following factors:

I understand the pain of paying expenses sky high every month– but it’s a headache when you know that often because these utilities are unmonitored. The automation in my hand is simply a click away, whether I’m in US or out abroad– I can manage the lighting appropriately– be it on a day or night– leaving my bills expectedly low.

The blinds in the workplace are all connected to my smart device– I can set the mood of our meeting place into a sophistication ambiance to make the minutes alive and fascinating. The customers are really satisfied and the majority of the time, inquiring about the convenience it brings to the building.

The environment of your office figures out the performance of your company. Why? Because it sets the mood, health and the fruitfulness of the day. Do you wish to operate in an untidy, dirty and disorderly environment when pulling a drape is a real noise? My employees are grateful they do not and giving them an office-boost way they work thrice as much than a drowsy banker!
They said that a motorized-office could only be managed by the wealthy company? Now, that’s a misconception. Hi Tech Home Pro’s can provide you a plan that fits your budget in a very appropriate way!

It draws customers a bit more pleased with the cutting edge structure– telling their good friends about the magnificence of your promising business!

Sounds cool, right? Well, it doesn’t wind up there. Hi Tech Home Pro’s can likewise use you some basic solutions to what can give your company an upgrade!

Light and Shading Control Automated Window Shades and Treatments for a SMART service

  • Audio/ Video
  • Presentation Technology
  • Integrated Building Technology
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Monitoring

This is the year to make the most of our innovation! Think me, when I say, I feel now that 2020 is coming soon– when I switched to make benefit of what this tech generation has brought me! So, exactly what are you waiting on? Call Hey Tech Home Pro’s now to make sure that you’ll invest in a smart move up!

Rudy, 36, CEO, Texas, USA

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