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December 6, 2016 11:50 am

All Purpose TrackR Bravo

Are you looking for your car? Is your pet missing perhaps? Have you ever lost your bicycle?

Or are you concerned that your important stuff are going to be misplaced or worst stolen? If yes, then we have the perfect solution for you. The TrackR, a tracking device so small you can hide it anywhere. Find it through your smartphone, simply open the app and using the tiny tracking device you can find your car anytime, anywhere. The device is optimized to determine where you park your car or placed your important things using its partner App. It is connected with Bluetooth that works within a 100-feet radius. Don’t worry; the Bravo App collaborates with a lot of GPS companies that will show you where the device is after Bluetooth is no longer available. It is a state-of-the-art tracking gadget the size of a quarter that is founded by a California-based start-up company which is taking the world by surprise.

tracking device in brown bag

It is not required to set up a pricey GPS system to monitor your car or your belongings. First of all, it is too costly, and second, you need to buy the entire system not just one piece. You would have to pay a monthly subscription fee to have access when installing a professional GPS System. We understand that people have enough monthly dues to worry about getting another already.


How to use the TrackR?

Attach the TrackR to things that you always misplace: car, keys, pets, the bag of your kid, coats, briefcase, wallet, etc., Hide the coin under the mat, or a chair, anywhere where is not visible by human eye. The reason is that it can be easily brushed away intentionally or unintentionally because of its size. The complete procedure of setting the device up only takes 5 minutes or less. Access the TrackR app and tap which things you want to find. It will now direct you or guide you using a GPS Map to the location of the tracking device.

For more detailed information on how to use, watch this:

How much and where can I purchase the TrackR?

You can buy it directly from the business’s site. They ship around the world, and you’ll get your TrackR within a week. For only $ 29.00 you can now relax that everything is going to be fine…find! The battery life can last for a year per device. The TrackR battery is cheap, water resistant, and you can change it by yourself just like the size of Watch Battery.

Amazing PET TRACKER too, only attached to the chains of your dog or cat. You can let them go, and you will be sure you will find them again. This is a revolutionary device for PET LOVERS as they can now free their beloved Pets into the wilderness and the wilds. cat wearing TrackR Bravo

Now that you know the potential of this unique device, all you have to do is to follow these three steps:

1. Get Tracker from the producer site. You’ll get it delivered to your home in about one week.

2. Link Tracker with your Smartphone (iPhone or Android) and position it beside the things you do not wish to lose.

3. Download the free app and constantly have in hand the place of your belongings. As Simple As That!

Frequently asked questions

1Should you utilize HomeKit?
Ah, the number one concern with a bullet: Is Apple’s home automation service worth creating a house of the future? After three months with of experimenting with HomeKit, I can say that while I like it, it’s absolutely not best: HomeKit devices only just began showing up in 2015, and the framework is simply two years old. As such, there are still a lot of bugs to be fixed and kinks to exercise in the system. Siri doesn’t always work; Bluetooth-based accessories cannot update without a gadget close by to examine their status; and Wi-Fi based devices all need different bridges– which causes a lot of bridges in your network space.
2Is HomeKit worth it if you’re ready to suffer the occasional early adopter bug?
Definitely. Thinking about that HomeKit-enabled plug are available for just $30 to start your collection, the buy-in is not steep; Apple’s emphasis on the security aspect likewise elevates the house automation service above fellow rivals like Wink and WeMo. And recent assistance from longtime home automation gamers like Philips Hue is making it even easier to invest in this new technology.Ultimately, it’ll still be a couple of years before I think we’ll see HomeKit actually get mass attention. However, it’s fertile grounds for early adoption and experimentation. Scenes let you set up complicated actions, triggerable by an expression to Siri; Triggers offer much more control, letting you established action and time-based events, so there is a minor amount of operating switches and Siri. As possible. For me, HomeKit is a blast– even with the periodic bug or two– and I’m excited to see what the future holds.
3Would I use HomeKit to operate door locks?
When HomeKit does work, it’s downright incredible, and when it doesn’t, well the devices I pointed out above Likewise, all have manual control alternatives. Four months in, I have around 85 percent dependability with my HomeKit devices, and I only see Siri’s action rate and connectivity boost as time goes on.

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