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August 15, 2018 1:41 pm

Enhanced Smart Home Experience with ADT Security Services and Hi Tech Home Pros Partnership

REPOST from Hi Tech Home Pros/ADT Security Services

Denver, Colorado (August 14, 2018) – ADT Security Services, the leading property security service provider in North America, today announced that its comprehensive smart home system now works flawlessly with Hi Tech Home Pros.


home securityClients can manage their Hi Tech Home Pros products from their ADT Security Services Pulse™ panel or ADT Security Services mobile app. They can create custom lighting scenes and schedules for rooms, floors or their entire home, including having the Hi Tech Home Pros smart home lights on to make a home seem occupied while away.

The ADT Security Services app, customers can create recipes to control multiple features of their smart home at once. They can easily arm their home security system, switch off their Hi Tech Home Pros smart lights and lower the thermostat when they close their doors and leave home.

Clients can manage their Hi Tech Home Pros smart home features with their voice by controlling their Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices, as well.

“At ADT Security Services, we’re dedicated to inventing an easy way for our customers to design the smart home they want,” said Mark Wilson, Chief Technology Officer at ADT Security Services. “We’re excited to add the Hi Tech Home Pros smart home system to the ADT security experience, and give our clients more ways to make their homes safer and easier to operate.”


watch from your watch“We strive to make our clients’ lives simpler and their homes protected with the best security and smart home lighting services,” said Sean Waters, Chief Marketing Leader USA at Hi Tech Home Pros. “We welcome ADT to our growing Hi Tech Home Pros partner program, to help deliver on this promise. By bringing Hi Tech Home Pros and the ADT Security Services system together, clients can have a simple, connected smart lighting experience.”

Clients can purchase ADT Security Services system and Hi Tech Home Pros smart lighting at one of our more than 400 locations nationwide. For more information about ADT and Hi Tech Home Pros, visit us at

About Hi Tech Home Pros

Hi Tech Home Pros is the country’s fastest leading smart automated lighting system for the commercial and private property. It includes bulbs, strips, spots, lamps, fixtures, and controls, powered by the Hi Tech Home Pros main control panel. The system modifies how lights are being used in and out of the home/property to take smart home entertainment experience to the next level, support your daily habits and moments, and help give peace of mind while home and away from home.

Since the launch of Hi Tech Home Pros, smart lighting has stimulated other companies to develop gadgets, apps, and systems that work effectively with the system. From almost 700 third-party apps and wearable gadgets and technology to Internet services and smart home products, Hi Tech Home Pros goes beyond impossibilities to provide more than just light – to deliver new experiences, where the only limit is your imagination. For more information about Hi Tech Home Pros and where you can buy the connected lighting products, please visit


About the Hi Tech Home Pros Partnership Program

security outdoor cameraThe Hi Tech Home Pros partnership program is designed to ensure that partner brands work effectively with Hi Tech Home Pros so that users can enjoy the best smart home experiences. The program also offers reliable brands the opportunity to integrate Hi Tech Home Pros technology into their stylish designs easily so that patrons can enjoy the benefits of smart home automation services.

About Hi Tech Home Pros Lighting

Hi Tech Home Pros is the country’s leader in smart home automation technology, lighting products, systems and services, delivers innovations that unravel business value, giving better user experiences that help improve lives. Serving commercial and private home owner markets, Hi Tech Home Pros lead the industry using the Internet of Things to transform buildings, homes and urban spaces. With 2016 sales of millions, we have approximately 5,000 employees in over 50 states. Latest updates from Hi Tech Home Pros innovation and partnership will be seen at the Newsroom, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Information for partnership can be found at the Partnership page.

About ADT Security Services

ADT PulseADT Security Services is the leading provider of security services in North America. ADT delivers an integrated smart home system with in-house consultation, professional installation and support delivered by its Smart Home Professional Installers, as well as 24-7 customer care and monitoring. Dedicated to redefining the home security experience with smart products and services, ADT serves more than one million customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information,

Frequently asked questions

1Should you utilize HomeKit?
Ah, the number one concern with a bullet: Is Apple’s home automation service worth creating a house of the future? After three months with of experimenting with HomeKit, I can say that while I like it, it’s absolutely not best: HomeKit devices only just began showing up in 2015, and the framework is simply two years old. As such, there are still a lot of bugs to be fixed and kinks to exercise in the system. Siri doesn’t always work; Bluetooth-based accessories cannot update without a gadget close by to examine their status; and Wi-Fi based devices all need different bridges– which causes a lot of bridges in your network space.
2Is HomeKit worth it if you’re ready to suffer the occasional early adopter bug?
Definitely. Thinking about that HomeKit-enabled plug are available for just $30 to start your collection, the buy-in is not steep; Apple’s emphasis on the security aspect likewise elevates the house automation service above fellow rivals like Wink and WeMo. And recent assistance from longtime home automation gamers like Philips Hue is making it even easier to invest in this new technology.Ultimately, it’ll still be a couple of years before I think we’ll see HomeKit actually get mass attention. However, it’s fertile grounds for early adoption and experimentation. Scenes let you set up complicated actions, triggerable by an expression to Siri; Triggers offer much more control, letting you established action and time-based events, so there is a minor amount of operating switches and Siri. As possible. For me, HomeKit is a blast– even with the periodic bug or two– and I’m excited to see what the future holds.
3Would I use HomeKit to operate door locks?
When HomeKit does work, it’s downright incredible, and when it doesn’t, well the devices I pointed out above Likewise, all have manual control alternatives. Four months in, I have around 85 percent dependability with my HomeKit devices, and I only see Siri’s action rate and connectivity boost as time goes on.

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