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This coming Christmas 2016, there has never been a better time to obtain a truly unique gift for somebody you like – something small, but pricey, which combines fantastic art with innovative technology. Well, we are not discussing the iPhones anymore – the iPhones are old news. The most recent device almost everyone wants is the Smart Watch.

A Smart Watch utilizes the Bluetooth technology to communicate with your smart device and so should be viewed as complimentary to your mobile phone – whether an iPhone or an Android. You do not need to eliminate your smart device from your pocket or bag to discover who has called or sent out a message. You can just have a look at your wrist, similar to any typical watch and learn everything you need to understand.

But there are many Smart Watches in the market. How do you know which one to purchase? Here’s a quick list.

• Is it suitable for your kind of phone? This is an important consideration, as some watches might not work entirely with your iPhone and some may not fit an Android phone. So attempt them out before buying them, and examine if they work with your phone.

• Does it have a resilient battery that lasts longer, and does not require too frequent charging? Some Smart Watches draw a lot from their batteries and might need charging every 24-hours. You would not want this. So, one has to consider the durability of battery while taking the decision of purchasing this Watch.

• Does it have the features you’re interested in – such as notifying you about an update on Facebook or Twitter, is it water proof, does it have voice activation and is it shockproof? The Smart Watch you buy should be durable, rugged, and not get damaged by sudden modifications in the weather condition.

• How is the style like? Is it modern and stylish enough? Does it stand apart in the crowd? It is, after all, a fashion accessory. So you would want the style to be unique and eye-catchy.

• Is it convenient to use? Does it fit your wrist quickly? Is the information readily noticeable to you? There is no chance to hesitate about its quality. You should have the ability to use the apps on smart watch quickly, and it must be fun to use.

• So what are the very best Smart Watches for 2015? Samsung Galaxy Gear is probably the finest sold on the market, and chosen by ladies due to the fact that of its terrific look, that makes it an excellent style accessory. Plus, it’s completely compatible with your Samsung Android phone.

MetWatch Strata is another great Smart Watch which is quite rugged, scratch resistant and water evidence – and one of the less costly in the market. Sony LiveView is petite and very low-cost – remarkably inexpensive. It informs you whenever you get a Facebook upgrade and alerts you about Gmail updates. Exactly what makes this watch unique is its ridiculously low rate.

The other terrific Smart Watches in the market are MetaWatch Frame; I Watch, Martian G2G, Martian Passport, Pebble, Cookoo, and Martian Victory. Each of these watches has its particular benefits. However on the other side, they are yet a new technology, so you would succeed to attempt them out and discover out if they are entirely practical before buying them.

Another Smart Watch you need to be buying this Christmas is the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is suitable for the iPhone ONLY but has some incredible brand-new features. Apple launched an early variation of this brand-new Smart Watch at the Apple Live Event held in September 2014, and the overwhelming promotion provided to this watch by the media has only made individuals more curious about it.

Nevertheless, here are the more Smartwatches worth watching


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