Wallets gone mobile! Ready for the switch?

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whats inside your wallet?

How many plastic cards do you have inside your wallets?

In the most recent survey conducted, a man carries thick wallets with 10-15 cards on average and 24-32 cards for a woman. From Credit Cards, Identification Cards, Health Cards, Membership Cards, Miles, Bonus Cards, Discount Cards from 10 different shops can make your wallet Thick as a Brick.

There is now something called a VIRTUAL WALLET from Google, Rogers, and more companies are tying up with banks, firms, local transportation, malls and all establishments to make this happened. The concept is not entirely new, a couple of years ago Google Wallet and Rogers’s Sure Tap App were introduced to the Public. Why is it not progressing? Consumers opinion said that mainly those developers are not UNIFIED, no universal platforms for all the payments methods and system to follow. Each of the major developers wanted to be individually in control of the business that made consumers doubt its reliability and stability in the future.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet was first launched in 2011 using Nexus S 4G smartphone enabling users to make purchases via NFC technology with an Android device. The current Wallet has made tremendous improvement ever since. The Google Wallet Card concept which happened to completely stopped in June 2016 was a significant change to introduce the Android Pay App and Google Wallet. Now you have to download the app, and you will see different options like Sending Money, Membership Cards, Security, Payments, Bank Accounts and Bank Statements -standard bank transaction is handled very well. Sending Money to friends has never been easy and the most important thing is the FREE TRANSACTION FEE. It is at the moment available in the USA. Once the money was transferred, you can quickly cash out using a debit card or linked bank accounts.

For payment to stores, shops, and other retail centers, use your Android Pay App inside your Android phone. Unfortunately, only Android Phones and Tablets that support Near Field Communication (NFC) and Host Card Emulation (HCE) which uses KitKat 4.4 or higher are allowed to download the App. What a shame to Apple Users who has a Gmail Accounts.

For more information on how to use Android Pay in Stores, watch this video:

Sure Tap App uses Rogers made the local grocery stores and shopping malls available to pay via E-Wallet. Simply top up or put some money in your prepaid account. Buying NFC Sim Card and Installing the Sure Tap App are the two things you need to do. Most of the shops nowadays are accepting Sure Tap. Apparently, in Canada, the pay pass (same concept) is a huge success.

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