Whole House Audio: Salt Lake City’s Home Technology Trend

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A Quick Guide to the Benefits and Choices for Multi-Room Music

Whole House Audio
Salt Lake City’s Latest Home Technology Trend

For new and existing homeowners throughout Salt Lake City, the new trend is an entire home audio system installation. The most popular brand name for whole house systems is Sonos. Keep taking a look at to discover why many homeowners are focusing on multi-room music and Sonos in particular.


With a lot of different innovation enhancements you could make to your home, why should you decide to concentrate on an audio system? In our experience, it comes down to 2 main elements:


When acquiring or refurbishing a home, it’s best to purchase upgrades that add value to the residential or industrial home. Having an expert music system is among those upgrades that set your home apart. The style and installation might take a bit longer in advance than selecting a stereo in one room, but having the appropriate circuitry (for wired systems) or network (for wireless systems) in location is valuable.


Lots of smart devices are an excellent financial investment for energy performance or security. Nevertheless, they don’t make life more rewarding. With entire home audio, you’ll see an instant adjustment in just how much of a working music plays in your everyday life. With a push of a button, you can enjoy your preferred playlist while you’re preparing dinner or have a background music on while you’re amusing guests. You might even have music to wake you each morning instead of the noise of a bothersome alarm.


There are great deals of different multi-room audio systems out there, so why is it that Sonos is making its approach to almost every Salt Lake City home? There’s a lot to enjoy about the music system, however here are the crucial things that stick out to us:

It’s Wireless: The system runs– on your Wi-Fi network, so you’re not limited to where you can put the speakers throughout your home. Plus, there are fewer cable televisions and cable television TVs that you have to stress over hiding.

Upgrade Existing Sound Systems: If you presently have speakers or stereo that have good quality noise, however, do not have the same easy user experience that you ‘d get with Sonos, you should think of Sonos CONNECT. It takes your existing setup and transforms it into a wireless Sonos system.

Just the Right Amount of Variety: With multi-room setups, it’s necessary to have different speakers for each environment. A vast, open room will require more efficient speakers than a small den, for instance. However, on the other hand, selecting from 50 various speakers is tough– how do you understand which one is right for your place? In our view, Sonos has done it right, with three primary speaker styles developed for various space sizes and requirements.

How to Use: When it boils down to it, the best function of Sonos is how easy it is to browse. All of your streaming services, individual music libraries, playlists, and more are at your fingertips in whatever room you desire.


You can discover Sonos products lots of areas, and while it may exercise for you to develop the system by yourself, some pitfalls can be prevented with an expert installation. Home Technology Pros is a Sonos car dealership that can get you the ideal mix of gadgets for your home.

When we set up Sonos systems, we ensure in ensuring each speaker is placed for optimum audio effectiveness which your home network can support the system’s requirements. And if you ever have any concerns or require aid with your Sonos system, we are one call away!

From room music to full smart home automation, we’re the Hi Tech Home Pros. Call us today, chat with us using the window at the bottom of the screen, or finish this quick survey to read more.

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